Terrah Essentials products are for personal use or commercial use. Commercial clients, however, may not assign, transfer, remarket, resell or otherwise dispose of, such products without its consent and a signed agreement between both parties.


Terrah Essentials reserves the rights to all its fragrances unless the customer decides to purchase the proprietary rights to any fragrance or fragrances. The fee is C$50.00 for every request for custom blend with a minimum of 2 alterations and C$400.00 for buying the rights with an annual fee of C$130.00 due the first week of January. Terrah Essentials will not use this aroma with any other products nor shall it be used to sell to others.


Orders may be placed online by email at infoterrahessentials@gmail.com or by phone at 647-477-9596. Orders must be examined within 24 hours upon receipt so that any discrepancies, if any, may be addressed. Commercial/Private Label customers are required to make a 50% deposit on any type of work such as logo or graphic design and product testing and research. Some restrictions apply for out of province customers.

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