About Terrah 

Terrah Essentials is a humble family business committed to providing natural products handcrafted with fresh, high quality ingredients. Our aim is to bring the transforming wonders of nature into your life by using sustainable ingredients and Essential and Fragrance Oils for their fragrance and therapeutic benefits, keeping everything au naturel. At Terrah Essentials, all of our products are made from scratch and individually packaged by hand.
We are a cruelty-free company; no animals are tested in the making of our merchandise – we try them ourselves before sharing them with our clients! Since our company was founded through the philosophy of “beauty by nature” our products are absolutely free of parabens or formaldehyde, sodium sulfate or detergents, GMO, or triclosan.

About Me

My name is Bhie and I am the Momprenuer behind Terrah Essentials. I was born in Bulacan, Philippines and have worked as a hairstylist for 15 years. I attained a diploma in cosmetology from Lorraine Beauty Institute (Philippines) before getting my professional license in Canada on August 2008. My background has always been in the skin and hair care industry.

My major influence growing up was my mother, she was a lover of beautiful things and the sole person who taught me about entrepreneurship. Growing up in a third world country, you learn to do a lot of things yourself and truly make use of your resources. In my country, to succeed in the beauty industry, one had to be an all-around beautician or someone well skilled in haircutting, perming, hair colouring, hair straightening, hairstyling and make up. Hair treatments like Japanese Straightening or Permanent Straightening (now becoming popular in Canada) was already a hit in the Philippines 10 years ago. I am proud to say I am certified to do such skill as well.

In 2003, my family and I immigrated to Canada, the land of opportunities. I began my hairdressing career after I passed the licensing board exam. Being of service to clients and making them happy gave me deepest satisfaction. However, as years passed by, I discovered I am four times at risk of getting the cancer from my constant exposure to chemicals.

I began making natural soaps and cosmetics exclusively for my family for 2 years before starting Terrah Essentials. Slowly but surely I began using my products at the salon and my clients have witnessed a positive difference to their hair and skin. After noticing a growing interest for natural skin care products, I decided to share Terrah Essentials to people who want a safer, more natural option to feel and look good.
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