11 Ways to Naturally Relieve Dry Scalp

  • By Aaron Chua
  • 01 Sep, 2017

1.) Bananas and Avocados

2 to 3 bananas can be mixed with 1 avocado to make a dry scalp solvent and relieve itchiness. This mixture is to be applied directly to the scalp. Let it stay on your scalp for approximately 30 minutes and rinse it out afterwards. Make sure to be thorough with your rinse!

2.) Witch Hazel (with Water)

Witch Hazel can be mixed with water to help relieve an itchy scalp as well. The mixture is to be poured onto the scalp and massaged thoroughly thereafter. It is recommended to wash your hair and scalp after applying this mixture.

3.) Sesame Seed Oil

Sesame seed oil can be slightly heated to make an effective treatment for dry scalp. The scalp is to be massaged before going to bed. Use your fingertips and continue massaging for a minimum of 10 minutes for maximum results. Be sure to wash and rinse your hair in the next morning. Do this as many times as needed.

4.) Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great remedy due to it's molecular structure being a lot like the natural oil that fights scalp dehydration on our skin. Just use a small amount on your scalp and massage for 3 to 5 minutes. Leave it on your scalp overnight and wash it in the morning. Be sure to use a mild shampoo for the best results!

5.) Beer (I know, crazy!)

Mixed with eggs and oil, beer becomes an excellent natural conditioner for the hair and scalp. Make sure to use full-bodied beer instead of light beer for this. Whole beer will lather much better than the light beer, thereby making whole beer the better solution as a conditioner.

6.) Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera gel is a natural moisturizer that has agents for relieving itchiness and dryness. If you can't find fresh Aloe Vera, it can be purchased at any drug/health/grocery store.

7.) Coconut Oil

Apply a small amount of coconut oil onto the scalp after washing your hair. Make sure the scalp is clean and keep the oil in for a minimum of 30 minutes. Wash the oil out with an odor free shampoo to prevent any infections. (The coconut oil can also be slightly heated and mixed with your shampoo before washing your hair)

8.) Tea Tree Oil

Mixed with 1/2 cup of baby shampoo; 10 to 20 drops of Tea Tree Oil becomes an excellent medication for a damaged scalp. Tea tree oil has natural fungi-fighting agents and anti-bacterial properties so it is ideal for treating an itchy scalp.

9.) Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been known the eliminate the yeast and viral properties that cause an itchy scalp. It can relieve itchy scalp and dryness by balancing the pH levels of the scalp.

10. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice can be an excellent aid for dandruff. The citric acid of a lemon gives it antiseptic properties which makes it an ultimate cleaning solution. Mix lemon juice with some yogurt and put it on your scalp. Leave it there for a few minutes before rinsing it out and wash your hair with a gentle shampoo. Repeat the process as much as needed!

11.) Baking Soda

Baking soda is excellent for treating an itchy scalp. Use baking soda to make a paste solution that can be applied directly to the scalp. It's recommended to apply a little olive oil before using the baking soda solution. Let the solution sit on your scalp for 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly with water.

So those are 11 of the natural ways you can treat a dry or itchy scalp! These methods have worked since the beginning of time so take these into consideration before running out and buying expensive solutions!

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